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I purchased from the original owner who registered the domain in January 1997. I am shopping around the traffic (currently around 100 uniques/day) and have just moved it from trafficz to parkingpanel (I think it's mostly non-US traffic so it's tough to monetize). 848 is an area code in central New Jersey: . In China the number 8 is considered a lucky number and represents sudden fortune or prosperity. Maybe 848 will be the next toll-free phone number extension? 848-FLOWERS?

Recent 3 digit .com sales: $302,790 $21,000 (DNF) $33,000 (GeoExpo) $33,000 (GeoExpo)

Minimum Offer: withdrawn

BIN Price: withdrawn

Current High Offer: withdrawn or wire transfer are acceptable forms of payment. (buyer pays fees). PM/Post offers.
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