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budget: above $100 20% equity for a top name

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Hi there. I'm looking for a top .com domain name, preferably brandable and one word.

I'm a software developer from the United States that is looking to launch a new research acceleration tool for students and industry professionals. I'm looking for a domain name to brand the platform under, and would be willing to share 20% equity for a good name. The platform itself is a subscription based service so revenue would be generated on a monthly basis via. Stripe.

To give myself some credibility, I am the founder and sole developer of numerous other SaaS platforms and sites already:
- (now sold)
etc. (private projects for clients)

With this deal, I would require the name servers for the domain be changed to Cloudflare (preferred DNS provider). Though, you'd still retain ownership of the domain through your registrar.

If you're interested, please send me a direct message.
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