ATTN REGISTRARS! domain sunrise starts on Jan 2nd! GET READY NOW

budget: above $5000 $10,000 for your 1 Best domain or 3 Best domains

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Budget Total 10k USD
Budget per domain - $3500 - $10,000

Submission Guidelines:
To qualify all domains have to be registered in at least 100 extensions
Otherwise you will just be wasting both our time.

A) Submit ONLY One domain for your best domain that you will sell for 10k
B) Submit ONLY your best 5 domains that you will sell 3 of them for 10k
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Hi headsupp

Sent you a DM, please consider, thank you.



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Sent you a DM. To check whether or not the domain was registered in 100+ extensions, I used Instant Domain Search (sorry, I still can't post a link anywhere :playful:)
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