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  • Dear Sobi,

    I would like to request a quote from you please - I like your work - how much for a simple logo for an App?

    The app will be called 'Food For Teeth' and will give advice to look after your teeth by choosing what you eat and drink carefully. It's for a good cause, not for profit.

    The app will use a traffic light system to indicate the risk associated with a particular food/drink.

    I initially imagined the logo to be some teeth biting in to an apple or something along these lines...

    I would need a Home Screen logo of the app (eg. the square shaped logo on the home screen of an iPhone) and a logo for the website too, with Food For Teeth in text, alongside the logo.

    I hope that made sense, let me know if not I will be happy to clarify!

    So, how much do you charge, sir?

    Kind regards.
    United Kingdom
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