1. Toni
      Happy Birthday :)
    2. CrackFeed.Com
      Happy bday dong!
    3. mis_chiff
      Merry Christmas :hearts:
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    4. CurtisNeeley
      NameMedia was served and before they replied I filed an mended complaint against them as well as adding Google Inc and Network Solutions. That move was granted in part and a part of it was denied. I had requested an order that the robot.txt file be removed from their server to permit the IA to display evidence of their actions. I forgot to ask them to remove it first officially. Dang - - Oops
      It can all be seen free at which is NOT the official NameMedia Inc website.
      It will take several hours to post the new motions, amended complaint and orders.
    5. Smart click
      Smart click
      would you please participate with your appraisal in this topic?

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