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  2. MapleDots
    I'm trying to stick to a 140 character limit..... it's just sooooo damn hard!
  3. Oso Olajide
    Oso Olajide Silentptnr
    I have 10 domain are you intrested?
  4. Oso Olajide
  5. doubleU
  6. doubleU
  7. Ryan Trucker
    Ryan Trucker
  8. Ryan Trucker
    Ryan Trucker
  9. vTrader
    Once it's gone, it's gone!
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    "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most"
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  11. Kamaldeen
    Phoneservicebusiness com, COINEXCHANGER.CO.UK,,
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    fastcool rohitgoyal
    check pm/messages please
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    Jesus Moran
  15. Haris
    Clock is ticking, so let's start bidding. If you won't bid, you're ded.
  16. Haris
    People message me everyday asking whether they can bid on my auctions, everybody wants a piece of my domains. Get yours!
  17. Haris
    I'll make everybody pay for their bids.
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    chris eoff
    Domain Registration Special $7.99 .com all month long. Free SSL, Optimized parking pages with adsense, amazon affiliate, or ebay affilate
  19. NADAMS
    Call.Cafe On Auction Bid Now :)
  20. Metalogics
  21. briguy
    briguy GILSAN
    Just dropping by ..cause I notice that you sure get "trolled" alot...quess how you handle it, is what counts..(just my opinion and observation)
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    2. GILSAN
      Yes I know that. People like "En" and a few others don't like my opinions, so they like to troll and insult me. My answer is simply NOT to reply to them.

      Maybe that makes them more angry. I've decided from a few weeks ago to simply DISLIKE any of "EN's posts that quote me. Something I never used to do before... to anyone.

      Thanks for your contact Brian. Have a nice day and do keep in touch!
      Jun 18, 2017
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  23. sadaf memon
  24. ttrank75
    The Domain Dungeon
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  25. Germanhoney
    Hi everyone !
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