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Top Topics: My August Afternic Experiment Results; Startup Names Are Getting Less Silly...

By James Iles, Sep 6, 2020
  1. In case you missed it, a UK-based portfolio owner revealed the recent sale of the domain name for a price of £83,000, which equates to around $110,000. If this is charted by NameBio, the name would be the second-largest two-letter .CO.UK domain sale in public history. It would also rank in the top twenty for all time .CO.UK sales.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    Have You Ever Performed Outbound Sales on Multiple Domains At Once?

    Typically, outbound domain name sales is something that is performed to create revenue on a domain portfolio without waiting for inbound inquiries. In my own experience, outbound sales is something that is performed on one domain name at a time to a very highly targeted number of end users.

    However, this poll asks whether anyone has successfully performed outbound sales on multiple domain names, perhaps if those domains are all similar and strategically important. The general consensus so far seems like this is something that shouldn’t be considered.

    Topic by: @abstractdomainer

    Capitals vs No Capitals

    On domain marketplaces, landing pages, and listings, many domain names are stylised with capital letters, but why is this done? That’s a question that has arisen from this discussion.

    Capitalisation could be down to the desire for domain owners to make their names more legible to anyone browsing a marketplace listing, for example. Do you use capital letters to make your domains more legible on marketplaces?

    Topic by: @Reddstagg

    Startup Names Are Getting Less Silly

    This past week, Crunchbase produced an article revealing their analysis of recent company domain names. According to the article, quoted in this discussion, the trend shows that companies are moving away from made up, strange names such as Doostang in favour of more conventional names, with nouns being highly popular.

    The domain name community has reacted to this article here, with a largely positive view. The transition to more conventional names may be down to the wider range of available domain names options deriving from the New gTLD program.

    Topic by: @koolishman

    My Afternic Experiment: August Results

    On Top Topics, we've featured AbdulBasit Makrani's Afternic experiment since January, when he decided to change his portfolio's nameservers to Afternic in order to test out a new service, seeing whether he achieved better sales results using Afternic's landing pages and their brokers.

    AbdulBasit has previously disclosed some significant sales that have been closed via his Afternic landing pages, but what did August have in store? According to this discussion, he achieved $52,864 worth of domain sales in August, with a total acquisition cost of just $4,000. The names that were sold are all mentioned in this discussion.

    Topic by:

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    Great list of Top Topics and thanks for posting - I always find one or so I missed during the week and glad to have the Top list as a great reference.

    Thanks James!
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    no link to My Afternic Experiment: August Results
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    Thanks @James Iles for another nice topics.

    As @PhongSGC mentioned, there is no link on the last topic.
  9. Thanks for pointing this out - I'll get it fixed asap.
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    thanks for share james
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