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Top Topics: I Sold for $5,000; How Would You Reply to This?...

By James Iles, May 5, 2019
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    In this week's Top Topics, an investor asks for advice on how to respond to a difficult question, Eric Lyon evaluates “STER” domain names and another domainer has an issue with a potential GoDaddy sale. Elsewhere, a .TV investor sells for $5,000.

    How Would You Reply to This?

    Upon engaging in negotiations with a potential buyer of this investor's domain name, the buyer asked two questions. "How much did you buy the name for?", and "What do you hope to achieve from the sale?". It's rare for potential buyers to ask questions like this, so naturally, the seller asked other investors for advice.

    There are some perfect, diplomatic responses in the discussion that you could bookmark in case you're ever in a similar situation.

    Topic by: @legendarynames

    An "STER" Domain Name Evaluation

    After evaluating a domain name ending in "STER" for an appraisal, Eric Lyon noticed that there may be a trend in keyword+"STER" sales, such as, which sold for $3,383 this year.

    This discussion encourages other investors to talk about the potential market for "STER" domain names as well as showing off any names they currently own in this category.

    Topic by: @Eric Lyon

    Did My Premium Listing Sell for $99,999?

    This is an unfortunate story, which happened on the GoDaddy aftermarket platform. The owner of a three-word domain name received a notification from GoDaddy telling them that the domain had been sold for the asking price of $99,999, and the name subsequently disappeared from the owner's account.

    Thinking that the name had indeed sold for that amount, the seller paid off several debts. Unfortunately, after some investigation by the GoDaddy team, it had actually sold for a far lower price - the previous "Buy Now" price, which had been updated to $99,999 very recently.

    Topic by: @heartsforhemp

    I Sold Privacy.TV for $5,000

    Another .TV sale has been showcased this week, with .TV investor @Ammudamus confirming that they had sold the domain for $5,000. According to NameBio, this sale ranks as the fifth largest of 2019.

    Privacy is a highly relevant topic at the moment, and this achieved a stellar sales price for a .TV name. As of publishing, there are no clues about who bought the name, but it will be interesting to see how it's used.

    Topic by: @Ammudamus

    Poll: Should Domain Conferences Change It Up?

    Traffic, The Domain Conference, DomainFest, NamesCon. Domain name conferences have been in existence for many years, providing investors with an opportunity to meet other domainers whilst learning from industry leaders in a concentrated environment.

    This discussion and poll asks whether domain conferences should introduce any changes, with some suggestions coming from investors.

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

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    Thanks for this round up.

    The 99,999 was especially the most heartbreaking situation anyone can be.
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    Given the state of the .TV market, I think $5k for PRIVACY.TV was a fair-to-reasonable price. IMHO. I sold a strong 5L dictionary word .TV for $5k about 1 year ago. It's being used as a brandable. The same word in .com is valued at $580k by Estibot. That says a lot about the state of the .TV market. IMHO.
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  12. eqingwu

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    Selling the English word .tv domain for less than $10,000, underestimating the value of the domain.
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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