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In this week's Top Topics, one domain investor considers the possibility of a portfolio management service specifically for domain investors, and we hear about an ICANN working group that wants to make it easier to hijack domain names. Elsewhere, there's a sizable .TV domain sale, and a service is shutting down two years after buying a $151,000 domain.

Do We Need a Domainer Portfolio Management Service?

At first glance, domain portfolios don't need much in the way of management; you simply pay the registration and renewal fees, direct the domain to a landing page and wait for a sale. However, there is much more to managing a domain portfolio than this, and a portfolio containing hundreds or thousands of domain names can take significant time to administer.

With this in mind, does the domain name industry need a specific portfolio management service catered toward domain name investors with large portfolios? One investor wants a service that helps to automate many of the day-to-day administrative burdens.

Topic by: @CDM

ICANN Working Group Wants To Make It Easier To Hijack Domain Names

Domain investor George Kirikos has highlighted an issue that affects all domain name investors. In short, an ICANN working group is looking at domain name transfers, with multiple proposed changes in place. A review of the working group's proposals by George Kirikos has found that it may become easier for domain names to be hijacked.

The proposed change that is rightly causing so many investors to take action is one in which domain owners would only be notified of a domain transfer after it has already been completed. This is hugely problematic for the safety of highly valuable domains in particular. You can submit your own comments to the ICANN working group before August 2, 2022.

Topic by: @GeorgeK

Did Sell for $80,000?

A look at NameBio's database will show you that tens of "IT" domain names such as,, and have changed hands for four- and five-figure fees. On the higher end, has sold for $3.8 million in a deal that was completed in June 2022. All of these domain names have been acquired by one company,, which is selling subdomains.

The company looks to have secured another "IT" domain name. This time, it's, which was thought to have sold for $80,000 before the domain's seller confirmed the sales price to be $84,000. The sale, according to the discussion, was closed via

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After $151,000 Purchase, is Shutting Down

In August 2020, sold for $151,000 via GoDaddy, ranked in the top forty domain sales of 2020, according to NameBio. The domain was acquired by serial entrepreneur Stefan Wiegard, who formed German company Fanbase GMBH on the back of the purchase. Fanbase built a digital content community, but it has recently been reported that the company is shutting down.

The company sent out an email last week confirming the shutdown. One important point to remember is that despite the company shutting down, it still owns a valuable domain name that could certainly be sold on for a significant fee.

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