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GoDaddy brokers engaged in questionable activity, according to email exchanges; An end-user is trying to get his 15 year old brand back; The story of acquiring; Chrome will autocorrect URL "typos" suggesting valid web sites; An ongoing spate of fake offers and inquiries for domain names.

Why You Can't Trust GoDaddy Brokers
IP attorney, John Berryhill, has shared an alarming incident involving GoDaddy brokers that allegedly relayed altered information to a domain seller; the potential buyer made legal threats that were not explained to the seller of the domain. Find out whose side GoDaddy brokers are on when you're selling domains.

Topic by @jberryhill

Simply trying to get my old domain back , please help
The owner of a business brand has used the same domain for more than 15 years but someone picked it up. The distraught businessman has even used drop-catchers to get it back but has failed. What are his options, seeing the domain up for sale for a large sum?

Topic by @sitemonkey

The story of acquiring
A startup lacking financial prowess registered as its initial domain, all while the asking price for the matching .com was $5,000 dollars. Find out how they acquired that domain name eventually, from a "domain squatter" that was selling it.

Topic by @Lox

Chrome browser will now detect URL typos and suggest websites based on the corrections
Apparently, the latest version of the Chrome browser takes it upon itself to detect URL "typos" and suggest alternate destinations. Can this feature complicate things for domains that appear to be typos but are brands, and can this feature be disabled? Join the discussion to find out.

Topic by @Lox

Spate of fake "offers" and "inquiries" for domains
A series of emails are being sent out to domain owners, in the form of inquiries that attempt to place an offer for these domains. The inquiries appear to be a persistent batch of serial spam, so take a look at the emails and protect yourself from these lowballing time-wasters!

Topic by @xynames

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