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By James Iles, Mar 15, 2020
  1. After reading Jamie Zoch’s blog post at the Uniregistry Blog entitled “Break Your Domain Routine”, I’ve been inspired to try out some changes of my own. As a domainer, it’s often easy to get stuck in a routine, so breaking your routine to find out whether you can improve on certain aspects of your personal or professional life can be a positive step.

    For now, I’m away from social media, and I’m temporarily cutting down on the domain-related news I read. Anyone else tempted to try changing your domaining routine?

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    How Many Registrars Do You Use?

    In last week’s Top Topics, we highlighted a poll asking for users to decide on the best registrar in the domain industry. This week, another registrar-related poll is asking domainers to disclose how many registrars they use for their domaining business or hobby.

    Before reading the results of this poll, I assumed that investors would have one, possibly two, trusted registrars that they use for the bulk of their registrations. As of writing, it looks like 90% of voters use two or more registrars. How many registrars do you use?

    Topic by: @equity78

    How Do I Find the Popularity Of a Domain?

    If a domain name is popular, it will be registered in numerous extensions. It’s a simple concept that if a domain’s keyword is popular, it will be registered in perhaps hundreds of different extensions by investors and end-users alike.

    But how exactly do you find out how many extensions a domain has been registered in? This information could be vital as a part of an appraisal to determine how much a domain is worth before acquiring it, for example. In this discussion, several solutions to this question are presented.

    Topic by: @Dot Com Realty

    Which Domains Are Worth Retaining?

    Have you ever had difficulty deciding which domains from your portfolio are worth keeping, and which should be left to delete? In that situation, you may need the opinion of another investor or the community at large.

    This discussion has been created specifically for investors to ask about which domain names from their portfolios should be kept. If you require the input of another investor, then this discussion may be for you.

    Topic by: @Raj2610

    A List of 2020 New gTLD’s

    Since 2013, new gTLD’s have been a part of the Internet. Extensions such as .APP or .XYZ have become alternatives for startups seeking a succinct domain without spending vast amounts of money.

    In 2020, there are over seventy more new domain extensions due to be introduced including .ZIP, .MOV, and .ING. Here, the list of 2020 extension releases is disclosed. Naturally, investors are giving their opinions on the class of 2020.

    Topic by: @Lox Reportedly Sold for $415,000

    According to NameBio, the last three-number .COM sale to be disclosed publicly is, selling for $147,000 in November 2018. It’s surprising that for well over a year, zero sales have been publicly disclosed in this category. That is until now.

    This discussion quotes a tweet by broker James Booth stating that he just sold the domain for $415,000. If this sale is verified by DNJournal, it will be the second-largest domain sale of the year behind Sedo’s $609,068 sale of

    Topic by: @Furquah

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