James Iles

Poll: Are You Consolidating Your Domains?

By James Iles, Sep 5, 2018

Are you currently trying to consolidate your domains into one registrar?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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Total: 436 vote(s)
  1. poweredbyme

    poweredbyme VIP

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    Transfer is cheaper than renewal. I transfer domains between 5+ registrars. I try to stay away from GD. Namesilo is the best one for me mostly for its high quality marketplace but I don't keep all my domains at Namesilo.
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  2. RegBoss

    RegBoss Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    I have found having my own re-seller account for G dad makes it easy to manage. I can also set the prices to what ever I like. Plus I get the bottom price and kick backs. I have my domains currently registered at 2 registrars. Not counting free URL provided by web site builders. A domain name is just a series of code really.
  3. gipson

    gipson Next Domain Market VIP

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    You own great domains bro..super!!
  4. Rob Monster

    Rob Monster CEO, Epik Staff PRO Gold Account VIP

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    For anyone consolidating domains, Epik does have a free domain concierge service. In short, you provide the account logins at your current registrar(s) and then we manage the domain consolidation work either in bulk or on some interval, e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly for expiring domains. Some registrars (e.g. NetSol) make the transfer out process excruciatingly tedious so we have processes for overcoming these hard cases. For the moment, Godaddy and a few others still allow easy bulk export of domains with auth codes.

    In some cases, we provide interest-free domain loans to help with the migration expense with the loan secured by the domains. Epik does also have a unique feature where you can add all of your domains at any registrar and use DNS and forwarding service for free even if the domains are registered elsewhere. It is possible to also sell external domains in the Epik marketplace but it requires approval -- this is a safeguard to prevent bogus marketplace listings from folks that don't actually have registrar control over domains.
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