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10 Great Domains Owned by Procter & Gamble

By James Iles, Dec 6, 2017
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    Consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble, also known as P&G, is one of America’s largest companies. Ranked at number thirty-six on the Fortune 500 chart, P&G has over 100,000 employees and boasted a total revenue of over $65 billion in 2016.

    The company owns many of the world’s most famous personal health and beauty brands, but what you may not know is that P&G owns a portfolio consisting of several thousand domains, including hundreds of premium names that have been used in connection to some of the company's major brands.

    Here, we’re going to take a look at just ten great domains that Procter & Gamble owns. The data in this article is courtesy of DomainIQ’s portfolio related domains toolkit.

    We start off with one of P&G’s most prominent domain names. This two-letter .COM has been used by P&G since at least 1996, and currently plays host to the corporation’s official website. The domain is also used by Procter & Gamble staff to host email accounts.

    With just 676 available, two-letter .COM’s are always considered valuable and are an excellent asset for any company to own.

    Registered back in 1995, this one-word .COM domain has been used by P&G to host the company’s Ivory personal care brand. The brand is considered a very small part of P&G’s business, but makes an excellent domain name.

    Unfortunately, is being forwarded to Tumblr page that looks as if it has nothing to do with P&G. If P&G ever decided to sell this domain, there’d be plenty of companies willing to acquire the name, judging by a quick search through LinkedIn.

    Detergent brand Tide has been a part of the P&G family since 1946 and P&G have been using the domain name since 1995 when the domain advertised the “Tide Clothesline”. Nowadays, the website is a little more substantial and advertises the Tide brand very well.

    Away from P&G, Tide is used as a brand name for a financial app based on, which recently raised $14 million in funding. Was it a good idea for this company to launch on a .CO domain when the .COM equivalent is both popular and unobtainable?

    Another domain name that P&G use for their Tide brand is Currently, the domain redirects to, but for many years the company did very little with the domain. According to historical screenshots, was parked at Sedo for several years. At one point in time, the domain also displayed a for sale notice, but the name has always remained in the hands of P&G.


    Three-letter .COM words have always made incredible brand names., and have all been sold for seven-figure fees in the past, so has to be one of P&G’s best domain names. However, it’s being underutilized.

    Whilst P&G doesn’t have a specific brand called “Dry”, they have owned the domain since at least 2000 when the name hosted a P&G brand page. According to DomainIQ’s WHOIS history, was parked at Sedo like P&G has now updated the domain’s name servers, but the name doesn’t resolve to any web page.

    Crest could be synonymous with something historical or prestigious, yet, is owned by P&G to promote their Crest toothpaste brand. Originally, was owned by Crest Graphics Inc of Connecticut. That is until 2000 when P&G took possession of the domain in an undisclosed deal.

    Interestingly, P&G also owns, which the company is sensibly redirecting to

    Another four-letter word owned by P&G is Yet again, the domain is being underutilized by the company. Whilst Dash’s official website is hosted on the Italian, the .COM equivalent eventually redirects to was P&G's mass customization experiment involving retail goods. The site allowed buyers to customize their products, letting customers choose the exact colors, textures, ingredients and foundation for each product.

    The site shut down in 2005 with the company citing their $57 billion merger with Gilette as the reason for the closure.

    The company haven't parted ways with this one-word .COM, however, and it still forwards to P&G's homepage. is a very emotive domain that could be used across several industries. Many companies such as Secret Escapes, SecretSales and "Secret", which uses the domain, have branded themselves around this popular keyword.

    Procter & Gamble have owned the domain since around 2002, hosting the brand's homepage on the domain name ever since. is an interesting one. As Procter & Gamble are major players in the scent industry, it makes sense for the company to own However, rather than using this domain within the Old Spice or Secret brands, the name currently redirects to laundry brand "Gain".

    Surprisingly, given the company's track record with premium names, P&G doesn't own Instead, they're using
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    Thanks James.

    Always love your research work
  8. jstenn13


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    Another amazing corporate portfolio, thanks James.
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    Fantastic names, thanks for the list James.

    In late 2001 P&G was moving its domain portfolio from one registrar to another and somehow a handful of nice generics, I think about half a dozen or a little more, were not renewed or something and went into pending delete, including These names all have a Creation Date: 2001-11-08, their date of deletion and pick up by fast drop catchers.

    If someone has the full list they can post, it would be interesting to see that bunch again.
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    Thanks on the update!

    Solid names there!
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    @James Iles Thanks once more for sharing. Most of these big companies are partly investing and saving money on domains and at the same time using them as redirect.

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    I looked into this further and reviewed the UDRP database for the names you posted, all were clean and no UDRP issues ever. Glad to see that was the only one that is on Rick's site. Maybe they proceed more carefully now. The search on all the P&G UDRP's revealed many infringing people registering obvious names with their brands and were transferred. There were only like 2 that were not.
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    Great names, shall other companies follow them and start buying :xf.wink:
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    Kickass names (y)
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    Best list of names yet.
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    Wow, I love their "Liquid domains" xD
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    Really good list of names. Procter and Gamble is an established entity and I am amazed with their digital marketing strategies. I work for this Seo Melbourne, and I know how hard it is to execute a marketing plan with a fast turnover of results. As for their domain names, they are easy to be remembered by people.
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