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    Domain: VRUF.COM
    Registrar: Dynadot
    Expires: 2022-12-12 (won't need to be renewed for a few years
    Price: $520.00 payment via PayPal (trusted members) or (all members)
    I will cover the Escrow fee.

    This is a wonderful 4 letter domain starting with 'VR' that I originally purchased as a long-term investment.
    Unfortunately due to world events, I need to sell this name to pay more essential bills.

    Selling this domain will really help me out.

    Post 'SOLD' and PM me to purchase this name for $520.00 (firm, cannot lower price).

    "Virtual Reality. Ultimate Freedom".

    Other acronyms might include "Virtual Reality, User Friendly" or "Virtual Reality, Ultimate Fun".
    Lots of possibilities.

    I've posted a blog post on the domain itself for proof of ownership.
    The WordPress blog is NOT included, I'm only selling the domain name itself as a push to your Dynadot account.

    Please feel free to message me if anyone has questions. :)
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