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It's a great combination of words, but this extension is too long and doesn't match the niche.

I would say you will have a hard time selling for xxx.

End users like it since I've turned down 5x already, I show them serp's with other .network's I use and they realize, it's a good business TLD

Used Cars by itself is mega millions a good prefix .com is mega millions that's reality for end users

Then out of all the new TLD's the best might be .inc but it's a lot per year to keep

network is a simple to spell work and it's use is most likely as a network hub for many dealers

but xxx is not where the value IMO, but thanks for your opinion

try to register the term, you can't in any decent business TLD, itls gone

I'm considering right now a trade for a new $125k from a big dealer I know

So anyone that actually sells to end users, knows the value of used cars in any business related TLD

I got it in .bargains and I have end users discussing mid 5x

Used Cars and bargains go together well and network, well there's many network of dealers

xxx is an insult, but, whatever

It's one of the best domains on the site

reason, used cars is one of the major industries in every country, a keyword . whatever, gets you cheap ads with google and a brand name for radio and TV which used car guys use all the time

50% of google ppc
a high CTR
easy to brand keyword

xxx haha, okay, not gonna happen


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I do not see a value in this name. Reasons:

1) Unpopular extension
2) 2 words in an unpopular extension
Used Cars is one of biggest industries in world

I've got lots of clients on my .network portals

Equal to .net

Still easy to get keywords in

However, the most valuable keywords all gone

Try to find an open tld for used cars

They are all gone, but if you have 6-12K that's the premium on lots of TLD's

But you can say what you want

New cars
Used Cars

All major keywords

Try to register any in a good business TLD

If you can find one get it

But most are held for premium registrations on the term and premiums are 6K to 12K

So the .network is worth a lot based on those facts, but hey, it's a forum where people can say what they want, if you search the facts, you see, the term is sold out in lots of tld's and there's a ton open all with big premiums, that means the keyword is worth a lot despite what forums say
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High-xx to Mid-xxx

I'll buy any billion buck industry keyword for that

Tons of registrar's put $12k premiums on the term
That's yearly too



I own car dealer Network

I get $1k month to put dealers on geo landing pages

With $2k Google budget MGMT

But give opinions please I need to laugh


So, in real life

I can find dealers all day who want top of Google their area for used cars

EMD gets 50% off CPC

So for $1000 month
Dealer gets $4000 cpc ads for $2000

That's the power of keywords

Plus they take over maps

I have $100 for industry keywords in .network


No one will sell them if they own them


I use all 3 to do SEM for clients

50% off CPC
5x CTR
10x lead response

I do it any of those 3 tlds
Also a few prefix .com do same ratios

But keep the opinions rolling


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Why ask for opinions if you already have all the answers?


To show nubes, most here are clueless about keywords still, any mega billion buck industry in numerous new tld's are all worth a lot

Used Cars costs $12,000 a YEAR in many new TLDS to keep, and .network is a major business TLD

So instead of stepping on another persons thread, to explain, why lots of new TLD's cost a lot to a. register in and then b. renew, I started my own thread is not forsale, it has a mega million buck value to my network

It's a major part of our car dealer network

Lots of dealer keywords, some with a 1 character brand prefix in .com, others keywords in mostly .network

The names are developed and make money, and to who newbs be careful listening to old accounts here, I'm wasting valuable time explaining the real value of USED CARS in a. .network and in b. other new tlds where the renewal costs are $12K a year

This site has always been a flippers or wholesale place, well the action was always in developing and making residual income from domains, 99% of posters here are 1 and done guys

Great, it's how developers buy names cheap and then create mega million projects some even billions

Perfect example is crypto domains, almost everyone here missed the party

The Industry went to 3 Trillion on mostly non .com domains, .io, .app, .network, etc

Now it's back to 1 Trillion

Mostly on non .com's

That fact destroys what every 'expert' is saying here, .com this and that

Most of the crypto and nft game was played not on .com's

So if you are a newb, and you see whoever, saying low value, do they own usedcars in any tld?

No they don't, yet they can register it in .site, .online and other tld's and guess what the renewal is $12K yearly


The truth is is worth a lot of money, it's part of a large developed car dealer network

Car Dealers pay mega millions to market online

Every niche term car dealers buy is worth a lot

Car Dealer
New Cars
Used Cars

You don't like .network? Great, Tron.Network a crypto project worth mega billions
There's others too does over a BILLION a month in NFT sales, a .io

What's the population of that country code, ZERO

Yet in tech and crypto .io is chased


I say Car Dealer Network to any guy running a mega million buck car dealership, instant respect

Then I show them my .network

Used Cars
New Cars
Car Dealer

.com's .net's and .network's

All have value all create residual income from dealers

Yet, you see only negative values, haha

Let the newbs see the results, bunch of .com boys saying .network no value
New tld's no value

Yet reality USED CARS renews for $12,000 in weak tld's compared to this tld cheap renewal and a sensible keyword to car dealers 12K to renew 12K to renew



Try 8 figures

xx,xxx,xxx maybe 9

Entertainment is why
Name Worth
Top down