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Would you use this free landing page ad network as described below?

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm planning to start a free ad network where you can use your existing traffic to multiply the amount of people who see your domains and I want to ask for your valued opinion. Thank you in advance.

    Why am I doing this?
    Many small time domainers feel like they don't have as good a shot at selling their names as the bigger players. I was looking for a way of bringing all of our portfolios in front of more eyeballs in an easy way.

    How do I plan on doing this?
    I would offer you a free membership where
    • You get unlimited free landing pages, and you can forward as many domains as you want, each domain to its separate landing page.
    • Each page contains a "This domain is for sale" message for your own domain and then below it there are links to domains from other members.
    • In turn, your domains will show up across the whole network of other domainer's landers.
    • This means we automatically promote each other's domains, using existing traffic, in the spirit of cooperation. My goal is that everyone should benefit from this.
    • Here's the important part, because I know many of you already have your domains pointed/forwarded to landing pages at Efty, Afternic etc.: You will be able to keep your existing marketplace or self-hosted pages, because my service would just link there. Potential end-users visit your domain, see the lander and have the opportunity to click through to your actual sales page. Note: This will only work for non-exclusive marketplaces because the ad network lander would be the first thing people see and that's something, as you might know, that's not allowed on BrandBucket etc.
    • The other domains listed on your page will change after a while to create some rotation. We could also think of only showing related domains, for example links to Crypto domains being shown on the lander of a Crypto domain. This will increase sales.
    • The whole system will bring more eyeballs to every domain of every member and therefore will multiply all of our efforts.
    • I have experience in building reliable web services, and I know every visitor/potential lead counts. I have also built similar ad networks previously.
    My goal is to give the "little guys" a chance in selling more names where every member on the network has the same shot.

    You may ask: But why should I share my traffic with others?
    I strongly believe that most end-users are looking for a very specific type of domain and the more domains they would see on the ad network, the higher the chances of a sale would be for everyone. I'm thinking of setting up quality standards and a review process to ensure a high quality inventory.

    My questions to you are:
    1. Would you be interested in giving such a mutual promotion network a try? Would you be OK with displaying other people's domains on your landing page, possibly after a review process done by you so you could personally approve each domain?
    2. What would be your additional feature requests, if any?
    Thank you all very much in advance for your valuable time and input, it is much appreciated.

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