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    Interview written in Chinese language

    Interview Question

    1.Describe what Alphabet company does, why you chose this focus, and who benefits from
    the work that you do?

    In Alphabet company we do buy and sale domain names.
    I choose this field because i see wide opportunity that i can gain based on what i have observed few years back. I believe it will give me lots of benefits in future. Besides, it is hobby of mine and i really enjoying what im doing now.

    2.How many .company domains Alphabet company hold? And how did you get these
    .company domains (Auction /Buy it now/others)?

    Up to date, i have more than 150 premium domains, which is i bought most of the domains. Its not only alphabetical domain names, i also own few generic domain names.

    3.Why Alphabet company only focus on .company that we got a lot others choice (Other
    new gTLDs)?

    ".company" is now getting known worldwide especially those who really look into domain names. As what we can observed now, global companies are interested in such domain names. This is what i refer as opportunity where i targeted those kinds of companies. If they bought the domain names, it will be huge benefits that I’ll get in return.

    4.What does Alphabet company think about premium domains (Premium Price)?

    The prices of the premium domains that we offer are reasonable for the companies.

    5.What do you think about the decline in registration of new TLDs?

    My opinion is that the decline in registration is due to some of the new TLDs have unsearchable domain, the brand extension is not right and proper. However, it is different with ".company" extension.
    I think that the domains .company is logical and reliable for the companies.

    6.Can you predict for us what changes will happen to the future domain name investment

    I do believe that there will be bright future in this domain names investment market. The domain
    names will keep continue establish with more domain names extension. As for myself, I am
    going to tell you that I foresee my future vision of my .company domain names keep earning
    high value in the market.


    Good luck everyone .

    Website :


    Al Marri

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    Ever heard of .com?
  3. theodore_zhou

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    1:54 AM man Wish to bump his .company names to chinese.
    But sadly most Chinese even Do not know means.
    i guess few will buy his poor story.

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