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  1. ProDomain001

    ProDomain001 Established Member

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    1:03 AM Reseller Web Hosting With Whmcs ,Whm , Domain Backorder Reseller Web Hosting With WHMCS And WHM With Great Potential. is a new website with a great potential, this website was created in 2019 in March.

    With this website you can sell, hosting or domains this website working with

    So this website has to do, reseller hosting, so you can sell hosting, with unlimited capacity.

    Reseller hosting at, is unlimited reseller hosting ,so you can have unlimited clients.

    Hostlea is a fully designed website, you can start working with this website, this website works with vps hosting, and it is the starter website.

    Some of the functions of are.

    "Login & Register"

    "Admin Panel WHMCS" - From this you can manage your clients, and from admin panel you can active accounts from 'WHM'

    "Admin Panel WHM" - From this you can create hosting accounts, create packages, how much you want to offer to your customers.

    "Support System"

    "Live Chat System"

    "OATH Two Factor Authentication" - With this feature or module, your customers are protected using google auth.

    "Payment Methods"

    "Namesilo registrar"

    "It also has the domain backorder system, by using WHMCS "ISPAPI" Backorder Module via

    Please, if you want, to see all the functions, visit the website or if you have any questions about functions or modules contact me.

    What this website includes?

    Includes whmcs license for 1 year please check this domain is authorized to be using WHMCS.

    Includes "WHM ACCOUNT" unlimited reseller hosting, for 1 year so you will also have an unlimited account reseller hosting for 1 year.

    Includes domain with vps hosting for 1 year with capacity

    • 1 vCores
    • 2 GB RAM
    • Linux
    • 500 MBit Flat
    Hostlea is hosted via vps hosting at

    How you can make money with the hostlea?

    When you buy this website, you can sell unlimited hosting, or you can create different packages, with different prices, or selling domains, for example if a domain at costs $9, you at the hostlea, you can sell $15.

    So you have a reseller hosting for a year, and you can sell unlimited hostings for an unlimited customers. You just have to advertise.

    You can also earn with the domain backorder, so if the price for a domain backorder costs $49 to, at the hostlea you can set $149, the whole system is automatic.

    Price for this website is 129$
    Payment Paypal.
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  2. nameaura

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    4:33 AM

    Need info
    How much you paying for vps hosting ?
    Whmcs which license is subscribed ?
  3. dooma

    dooma Established Member

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    1:03 AM
    Who is your hosting provider? It it managed vps or unmanaged?
  4. ProDomain001

    ProDomain001 Established Member

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    1:03 AM
    1. I pay vps for 4.99 euro/month and I am a client of and vps Exp is Oct 5, 2019 price for renewal is 4.80 euro.
    2. And the answer to the second question is License Type: Monthly Lease (250) Expires: 7th March 2020

    I have reseller hosting from it is vps menaged.
    Vps for is from
  5. Steven McEvoy

    Steven McEvoy VIP

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    7:03 PM
    Sold please add me on skype for more information related to transfer.

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