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    Thousands of Free Article from Expert Authors​
    "The content is KING"
    Buy the fastest growing Article directory self growing with the fresh daily articles from highly skilled writers and bloggers around the world.

    ►Domain Specification:
    Most popular Article Niche Domain
    Great Extension: .com has the highest resale value
    Very Short: short domains are more memorable

    ►Website Description:
    Awesome Two words Brandable Domain name
    can be sold for great price without website.
    Free Articles Website for sale. 10000 plus Free Articles published by more than 7000 Top authors. Fully Automated WordPress based website with auto update plugins. No experience reqd

    ►Website Overview
    Daily Auto Update
    10000 Articles published
    Daily updated Articles from 7000+ Authors
    Elegent design news magazine style wp theme (worth $59)
    Latest wordpress version used inside
    Great to monetize with
    Google Adsense
    No experience required to run the web site
    Put your affiliate Advertisement codes to earn passive income or
    Sell advertisement space and earn great income

    ►Articles source:
    Fully automated site on WordPress, It imports articles from a certain online source where thousands of top professional authors submit their articles to promote their website and get backlinks from their articles.
    All the process is fully automated by an auto plugin.
    You can set number of articles to be imported for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    ►Ads Features
    Pre built popular Ads management area including the below sizes:
    728x90 ad spot above the header
    120x600 ad spot for main page
    300x250 ad main page top half
    300x250 ad main page bottom half
    What is inside the Admin Panel ?
    Super easy options to manage and customize website
    Fully automated User registration and subscription
    Super easy theme control options.
    Visitors online map with Geo Graphic location detector to see the audience
    How to Manage the website from Admin area?
    The site is built on CMS WordPress which is very easy to use even if you are a newbie and don't have professional skills.
    It's very easy to manage the website from Admin panel. But if you need help, I'll provide support without any extra cost.

    ►Monetize with Google Adsense
    If you have an approved Google Adsense account then it is super easy to make money with pay per click Google Adsense earning. just replace existing
    account code with your adsense.
    However you can sell Advertisement space to the advertisers and make good money.
    There are other earning options available than Google AdSense like affiliation & Chitika : This can be used as Google AdSense alternative solution to earn passive income. The website content is approve able for a new affiliate account on AFFILIATE network.

    ►Domain information:
    Registerar: (push only to the buyers account at
    Expiry: Sep 2020
    Brand Name for Article Business
    Short Domain, very easy to remember
    huge potential income
    Best for "Article writing" company, Article writin individual freelancer or freelance agency.

    ►What you'll get
    Keyword rich, favorite domain name ""
    WordPress website with Plugins
    All the posts / content will stay on site.
    Help & support
    Free Domain & Website Transfer
    What is included in the sale?
    Domain name + Website Files and database + All Articles
    Let me know if you have any question. Please PM me for query.

    Buy Now for $75
    Payment by Paypal
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  2. shabash786

    shabash786 Domains + Business Websites VIP

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    1:18 AM
  3. shabash786

    shabash786 Domains + Business Websites VIP

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    1:18 AM

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