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Here are my initial thoughts, I would love to hear yours!

There's very few sales in the .bar extension that have been publicly reported by Namebio, a lot of them are from sav and dyna, so I imagine those were mostly sold to domainers rather than end users. Maybe there are people outbounding .bar domains and selling privately for higher amounts, or maybe this extension just doesn't sell for above $100-$300 ever.

A quick Google search shows me plenty of brands that sell CBD chocolate bars, CBD bars of soap, or vaporizers that are referred to as "bars" for some reason. Also, there's always the use of "bar" as in a location like smoothie bar, or a place you go to drink alcohol, "Genius Bar", and so on. So, while it's not the greatest extension, I think it does fit a few different types of CBD businesses which is nice. Far below any of the prime extensions like,, etc... but far above something like "" or "" imo.

Outbounding this domain

I've never really done outbounding on domains, so I picked this up with the plan of trying to reach out to these CBD brands to see if I can flip it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the value of this domain name, and if you have any tips or things I should mention when I outbound it.

I plan to try to send around 100 emails. Would you guys link them to the domain's lander with a BIN, with Make Offer, or not even link to the lander and just ask for offers via email?

Thanks in advance for your appraisals and opinions!
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Its a decent domain honestly, but renewal is high, you have to try to sell quick
Its a decent domain honestly, but renewal is high, you have to try to sell quick

Thankfully, it's less to a renew than a .com. I was surprised. Just added 2 more years to the registration just to make sure, $8.88/yr :)
$79 to $275 = Reseller Value Speculation (NOT an end user speculation)
I own CBDbar .com CBDchocolate .com and many more comparable CBD domains.

Take my advice and drop it. The market is saturated and as you admitted, there are little to no .bar sales.