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    Well guys,

    I fooled you (shame on me). At the moment, it's just Twitter account where I am posting some of the coolest available domain names on various TLDs.

    But more important question is what's going to be there? Basically, I am developing of community driven available domain listing - free for all, forever. The idea is to create user powered directory and help posters there to earn some $$$ while also giving cashback to the people who pick some domains off of that directory. Will share with you more detaills tomorrow, as I finish up some final touches.
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    I believe it's finally a time that I present you this idea and get feedback on it. So here we go:

    I guess most of you do use expireddomains.net to find good names, or some other generic directory of deleted domains, that has been expired or available for a period of time. Well, most of those sites are just catching up with all expired/deleted domains, and gathering domains through them is a pain in the ass for someone who doesn't know how to filter it.

    I've seen that many people contribute regularly to "Available Domains" almost daily just so they could help someone else to register that domain name. Well, available.digital would be almost exactly like that forum section here:
    People sign up and contribute by adding some cool, interesting domains for them hoping that they could help someone out in picking out domain names currently available in the market. BUT, they all do that for free, right? So let's make some contribution to them for doing that - building an affiliate program inside this directory would be the best idea. Here's an idea that I'm currently developing:
    - Each member can create an account and add "preferred domain registrar" in his user panel.
    - Whenever he picks a domain from directory and use the referral link to register it, the affiliate account is credited, and from there:
    -- Contributor of that domain name will be credited with 60% of affiliate commission on that domain
    -- User who registered some domain name is being allocated with 20% cashback off of that commission (which is not much, but still, on large scale, he could save up to several free registrations a month).
    -- Rest of 20% will be kept for operating fees.
    -- Any leftover cash off of this program would be a deposit for contests that would be run quarterly in picking: biggest contributor, biggest "leecher" and best domain name in that quarter.
    - Besides this type of contribution through an affiliate program, domain catchers could also contribute users by donating them their affiliate cash generated, either instantly upon registering a domain name, by waiving their rights on 20% commission, or by saving that 20 % commission from their numerous registrations and later on giving those credits to another user-contributor.
    - Any commission generated off of this program is also withdrawable for members who meet the threshold at the end of the month.

    The only issues I believe could create problems are:
    - Moderation of applied domain names. Having random domain names posted there would infect the searching experience, but also if we start moderating it, some people would think that judgement would be biased. Keeping a user-moderated directory is also something I've considered, but that would give an advantage to someone to pick the domains even before they're published inside the directory.
    - People having duplicate accounts, posting domains, and registering by themselves, just so they could claim that commission. While this approach is fine by me, other people might think that directory is losing its value and being only a machine for someone to get cashback.

    I already have MVP for this type of directory, but I don't want to publish it yet, as I would like to implement all features mentioned above. There's also a huge number of future upgrades on this idea, so I wanted to get some feedback off of the community and see what is it that I haven't considered releasing on the grand launch.

    Please feel free to share your feedback, positive or negative, ideas, issues that might arise, and anything else you might think that could contribute to end-users.

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