Auto classified ad website with $800 a month adsense earnings

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    I have a auto classified ad website that is repoed car sales dot come that I am looking to sell. It made almost $800 last month on adsense and is on pace to do a little better than that this month. The site is a virtual auto broker (meaning I do not own the cars I just list them for sale for other people) and I take the cars from our supplier and I market them on social media and drive that traffic to my site and make money from google adsense. Full training is provided and the site is very scalable if you are willing to work at it. I have one site that uses the same method that has made as much as $50k in one month on adsense so it has a lot of potential. The sale will include the adsense account, 10 facebook accounts, the url, two months training, and I will give a 30 day month back guarantee that if you follow my training and you dont make money I will refund your payment.

    Priced at $9500 but open to offers
    Domain -
    Registrar - Godaddy
    Renewal Price - $12
    Renewal Date - April 2020
    Payment Options - Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, BTC, credit cards (I can take them direct),
    Starting Bid - Starting bid is $5k
    Bidding Increments - $100.
    End Time - 12 noon Oct 1st 2019
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