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  • Hi Shery, Its me. Boy have I been thru the mill. still no passwords or emails. I think this tells you what I think of Nord and Mailbird. Anyway. how much do I owe you. I think you need to send me every thing again to [email protected] (which is working). Remember I want 1 loss-less compression of the logo besides the regular picture. And thanks for your patience.

    Hi Edriam ,
    please check your inbox :)

    Hi sheryonline, I want that you make design for me. Please contact me.

    You make me 3 months ago the logo for Preguntasonline.com and I want another logo
    for me. Please let me know.
    Hi Shery,
    I need a logo for BasalCellCarcinoma.info
    Basal Cell Carcinoma is a type of skin cancer. The color scheme of the site is mustard brown so something similar might be a good color. In terms of design I was thinking a DNA helix strand (as the sun destroys the skin's DNA) and the phrase "Save your own skin" If you could incorporate the domain name BasalCellCarcinoma.info into the logo that would be cool (although I realise it's a long name) I have see you are very artistic so I trust your style more than mine :)
    Thanks very much. Send me the paypal details for the US$10
    PS. I'm not looking for anything cartoony as it's a serious subject.
    Hi Shery. This is all new to me. I saw lots of your work. Excellent! I'm a real estate developer / investor. The name of my company is "Axiom Management & Associates. Looking for a logo that has Axiom Management incorporated into it. A look that is modern, professional, savvy, easy transferable to stationary. I have paypal. What's your rates. Would love to see what you can come up with.
    Hi Shery. Pm sent
    Hello again Shery,
    Damainman here again. I told you I'd be back.
    If you have time I'd like to see what you can do with the names ViaLectric.com and
    Biolectric Motors.com
    Both are geared toward the new wave of hybrid/electric autos. I would like for the name Vialectric to look futuristicly retro. in the 30's-50's era if that makes sense. Perhaps 50s Cadillac big tail fin big chrome era. or maybe 1930's RCA Dog era.

    Biolectric is all about futuristic today stuff. french fry grease powering an electric motor in a car that looks like a green bug. I would like it polished and paving the way for the future type logo.

    I also have a catch phrase "it was a gas" or "Its been a Gas" or Big Oil, Its been a Gas. to go with Biolectric Motors. see What you can do with theses 2. Hope to hear from you soon.

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