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A little about Jordan, he was born in India and grew up in the U.S. He has been on a computer since the age of 11 and realized his potential in business when he started an ecommerce business in the solar and environment industry. And was able to grab the attention of customers throughout the U.S. and some international customers as well. He sold through his Yahoo store, Amazon and eBAY.

This is the same man who was involved in reprogramming banking machines and learned his lessons through hard knocks. Both before his reprogramming days as well as afterwards when he had to be up taking customer phone calls. He had to better understand customer retention, email marketing and how to make both himself and his customers happy through the internet!

He loves travel and still believes there is a lot of growth in the domain name business as well as technology overall. He is said to be futuristic at times and enjoys studying domain names and other analytic type things.

Depending on the day and time, you are able to grab some good deals through one of his web portals. But he doesn't undervalue of any domain name when he sees great potential for it. And hes only interested in dealing with people who are serious about business, making money, negotiating deals and discussing topics regarding:
  • domain names
  • ecommerce
  • web design
  • marketing
  • hosting
  • business
  • money
  • holistic care
  • healthcare
  • family
  • travel

Okay, hope this helps you and will update you more as I get to know you better.

Please sure that you leave a telephone number to your smartphone or office so I know you are a serious person who would like to conduct some sort of business with me.

The number I have listed is a temporary google number because of how I travel, at times, I do not get signal, so I use that for business as well as personal.
Oct 27, 1986 (Age: 36)
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business, marketing, logistics, thinking, reading, writing, typing, watching sharktank



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