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I'm a bold decision maker with 15 Yrs in the “Industry”. I've become very skilled in many areas of Business. I believe to operate a successful business, you must be able to run a very complex company by yourself. Which allows you to wear the hats of many, master all roles & become a professional in every aspect to keep the wheels turning. By doing this, I’ve learned from my failures, became an expert in “many” areas, a professional in multiple fields, conducted years of A/B testing & found out that there are solutions to all problems. And that success can always be reached, especially when hard work enters the equation.
My philosophy in life is to create the uncreated. Make Dreams – Goals - Make Goals – Plans & it all becomes a Reality. With Dedication, Motivation & Unique Creation, comes Innovation. You must be able to take nothing & turn it into something. Be ready to fail, problem solve, learn, network, research, research more & succeed. Then Repeat.
As an Internationally Experienced Entrepreneur & Business Specialist, I'm known for my rich mix of experience, comprehensive understanding & Success of Online& Offline Business Startup, effective Traffic Techniques, Brand Growth, Monetization Methods, Marketing/Advertising Tactics, Sales & Professional Business Strategies, Training Programs, Crowd funding, Product Launch, Professional Domaining, Online Real Estate, Asset Broker, Social Media Maven & Zoned in Programmer.
Having worked in several global markets & understand where most businesses & organizations go wrong. I am hired often, by companies across the Globe to assess business situations & establish the best practices for business-driven development. No matter the Industry, Niche, Product and all-around end goal they have. For over 10 Years I have managed creative teams that rejuvenated, expanded /re-positioned brands; from fresh, intermediate & mature entrepreneurs; which always reach success.



December 12
Cleveland, Ohio
Jay King
Domaining, Web Design & Dev, Graphic Design, Programming, Brokering, Business, Social Media Guru ++
The Online World and Offline Wolrd aka... Business


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