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Hey man I hope you are ok.

I'm getting to the point directly.. I own 3 crypto domains i'd like to sell or to bring them to live.

I own this domains for 6 years now and got also some bids but not that ones I'd like to sell , if you have any contacts or something if you could help me with some advice for this I would appreciate it.

Thank you
I have been running a design contest the past few days, and it has reached it's deadline with only 4 entries from 2 different designers. I'm happy to extend the contest by 48 hrs as per the rules allowed. My issue at the moment is neither of the entries currently submitted are what i'm looking for. Can i rerun the contest or will i be forced to select a winner from just 2 designers?
Warm regards, Michael
Kenny, why don't you place a bid on at (guitar) GoD! Classic!!
I was watching it.
I liked it, but not for the LZ trib band. They could never afford it. (if thats what you're talking about)
Or, as JP's symbol, no real way to monetize it.... Sell it to Jimmy?
I was looking at as a cvcv, but realized it would be a really long hold.
It went over my valuation pretty fast... lol
Thanks for thinking of me, bro. Always nice to hear from you.

I wasn't aware of the trib band by that name (should've known). I get what you're saying on the rest. Cheers!

Greetings! We hope this listing finds you well. We’re pleased to inform you that we’re accepting non-binding offers for a portfolio of 100 quality domain names. Some of the portfolio’s assets include “”, “”, “” and “” among others.


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