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Located in Web Hosting Discussion, started by JH, Dec 13, 2005


  1. JH

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    Has any one used them?

    i am interested in odering one of there reseller packages :)
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  2. PolurNET

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    I recommend you check WebHostingTalk and judge for yourself using the search function. They seem to had their ups and downs...
  3. jmweb

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    I wouldn't suggest searching on WHT for reliable reviews. WHT is basically a sandbox for kids. By reading the reviews on webhostingtalk, you'll find people saying some very funny things/off things, which makes the site unreliable. Some of those things include "my host sucks because they won't give me the servers root password". Stupid small things like that or things like "x company isn't replying to my emails, yet I never emailed them once". These are examples of some of the stupid things I've read on WebHostingtalk.

    I actually read WebHostingTalk for the amusing stories and wouldn't consider it a reliable medium to use. While some of the posts do have truth to them, the ones that are true are certainly outweighed by the ones that are false.

    And this is the reputation WebHostingTalk has been known for.

    Another example is the Burst.net post. A former client of Burst posted a complaint saying they have a Paypal dispute open yet they are demanding a refund from Burst.net. For those that are unaware, when you open a paypal dispute Burst.net freezes that funds from that transaction, therefore a refund from Burst could result in them being double refunded.

    However they probably won't get a double refund because the original poster isn't familiar with Paypal rules. Paypal doesn't issue refunds for hosting accounts.
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  4. ZoneServ.com

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    Hey mate,

    You will might want to check the Web Hosting Offers & Requests forum,
    There is a thread about us with some "up-to-date" reviews.

    Thank you,
    Gil - ZoneServ.com.
  5. drifta

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    i got one of there packages bout a week ago
    too early for me to judge!
    but i dont have anything bad to say.....

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