Your thoughts on NNLL, LLNN+ combo domains?

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    Lots of threads on llll or nnnn+ domains for Asian market but what is your thoughts on potential sales for combo LLNN+ , NNLL+ domains?

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    I scanned all "chinese" domains a few days ago and all of them are registered. Haven't checked nnll but seems to be the same. Seems to be mainly a chinese trend as more than 80% of owners are chinese. I prefer LLNN over NNLL but this may be just my personal preference as I have no data to support it.

    By the way, the definition of "chinese" in this case is very precise:
    Letters: No A E I O U V
    Numbers: No 4 and no 0 in first position (e.g. 10 is fine, 01 isn't)

    I've started to see some price increase at expired domains sites, especially for repeating letters/numbers, round numbers (like 10, 20, etc) and letters or numbers combinations with special meanings (88, cn, dr, etc). Number 8 seems to be especially desirable.

    If we judge by the chinese involvement in the segment, I think there is a pretty good chance of a significant price increase in the near future, and prices are still pretty affordable, so it looks like a good opportunity, i you can buy them cheap.

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