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Szabolcs Szekely

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Hey Namepros,

After a long period of silence I'm excited to share a new concept behind Brandshore!

I've spent the last year intensively developing, a fully functional domain store for a domainer friend, who wanted to own, and sell domains independently.

I know from previous researches and experience that many domainers struggle to manage their portfolio smartly, don't have the freedom for negotiations or simply don't like the ridiculous commissions that some marketplaces have.

To solve all these and many more problems, I decided to revamp, and I've built a unique prototype of the perfect domain store of the 21th century (check it out 🙏).

The engine is built with the latest cutting-edge technology GatsbyJS (serverless - with no hosting fee), that will give end-users a blazing fast user experience along with a custom design.

This is what's included:

- We integrated payments with Credit Card, Dan, Afternic, Escrow, Godaddy, Sedo with Dan instalment and 'Make offer' options.

- Airtable integration for instant and easy spreadsheet management. Orchestrate your domains, prices, logos, description, payments etc from one source.

- Visual content editing to edit marketing/benefit/about/How it works/Term pages.

- Amazon Voice Pronunciation for your domains.

- Dark mode (try it)

- Favorite [❤️] domain functionality.

- Make offer with IP address availability (end user IP, city country location sent when receiving offers).

- Google Analytics integration included

- Spam protection and 100% deliverability for the receiving offers.

- No Logo for your domains? No problem! Auto generated text logos using great fonts.

- Free Logo for your storefront main domain on request.

- Instant search with all the filters you need. (Algolia Integration)

Guess what, you can now book your own domain store development with me at a limited price! If you want to be the owner of a unique domain store, have full control over your portfolio, where you pay 0% commission book a project with me now! (5 seats available for October)

If you like what you see on and you want to know what's included in this plan, reply to this email, requesting a FREE TRIAL or just tell me your opinion, experience or the features you are missing from the store.

Till then enjoy the site and take care.