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Hello guys,
Google News Approved site is for sale!
The price for the site is $350.
Check the site on Google News here.

This news site has started getting a good amount of traffic from Google search. (Check screenshot attached)

The site currently has over 35 posts and more than 10 of them are bringing in traffic at the moment.

Traffic: In the last 7 days, the site got over 300 visitors. (Check Google Analytics Screenshot)

Revenue: I just monetized it using Adcash, but have earned much yet. News owner can monetize it using AdSense, Ezoic, Affiliate Marketing or other Ad networks.

Price: $350 (A year of Hosting account from a good company Milesweb will be provided). I've already got 4 offers in the range of $80-200 but I'm looking for a better offer.

Payment: Dan or Wire

Registrar: Fasthosts

Expiry: 2022-09-28

Interested buyers may contact me.


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Last Bump.
I've just monetized the site with Adcash ads.

I've received 4 offers ranging from $80 to $200 so far, but I don't think none of them will be buying the site.

No reply so I'll consider them as spam and I'll accept new offers above $250 from other buyers.

If I don't get good offers, I'll remove the listing in 3 days.
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