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Rob Romano

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1. Acquisition Reason: Years ago for profit
2. Markets: tech, diet, or politics
3. Research: i did minimal research, years ago hung out on forums and researched names
4. End-User Value:
-i envisioned the worldwidegamer being a hub for gamers to post videos, discuss things, etc.
-i envisioned thinner-faster either being a tech thing (thin fast phones, laptops, etc) or a diet thing.
-i envisioned political-pressure being used for a political analysis site, like
5. Reseller Value: not sure
6. Traffic: i am not aware of how to check although i suppose i could park it and add a counter or something
7. Revenue: nothing attempted
8. Age: i've had them for 5 to 10 years
9. Miscellaneous: i am certainly open to questions and i will try to answer them.
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Oh, and HELLO and thanks in advance to anyone offering appraisal/insight