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Wild Gorilla APP Market - applications for gambling, betting, crypto and dating.


Wild Gorilla APP

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Wild Gorilla Club presents a service of purchase/rental of applications for gambling, betting, crypto and dating. Fully prepared applications for Affiliate Marketing with installations, reviews, and ratings 4.5+.
Unique design of every applications, in addition design of individual application for your needs based off offers and GEO.
Push - notifications, support of naming, deeplink, Facebook SDK.
Google UAC, Facebook, TikTok.

500$ - fully operational application.
400$ - prepaid application, ~1 week for construction.
Guaranteed life of application at least 96 hours on the store.

News, updates and chances for free applications: https://no_url_shorteners/wild_gorilla_app_market (@wild_gorilla_app_market)
All questions please address here: https://no_url_shorteners/wild_gorilla_app_support (@wild_gorilla_app_support)
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