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  1. Hypersot

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    @namemarket ,
    You mentioned 'SEO ranking',
    afaik, SEO ranking loses ground every day a domain is parked. Maybe I missed something in what you said though.

    All in all (and that's from *my* experience only),
    if a domain has low clicks, that's due:

    a. random visitors that arrived at the lander page by mistake

    b. traffic is not what you think it is.
    eg. From time to time, I get domains that their traffic has all reasons to click A but they click B. I expect traffic to come from A and instead it comes from B, etc.

    Maybe the visitors when the domain was an active website received completely different visitors than when it got parked due to some ranking weirdness (eg. appearing in the searches of a different country while getting lost from the original country the domain received traffic from).

    c. domain attracts uninterested visitors to interact with the website

    d. script blockers/AV software. Those are the worst as they are usually responsible for when you receive traffic but no clicks (visitor sees just a blank page or a page with no ads)

    and finally,
    e. traffic from HTTPS. I think Bodis have implemented a way for that traffic to be usable but it wasn't before. With other services, only worthy domains can use https traffic.

    maybe you need to do a re-check on your domains to see what really is the problem, maybe you missed something along the way when you optimised the keywords.
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  2. Shayne

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    @Hypersot and @namemarket,

    You both have great points about related searches optimization.

    I don't have much experience with optimizing the related searches yet but from what I have tested and analyzed, I see so far that G is optimizing the related searches mostly according to the domain name and not it's past usage or traffic.

    Just for example, if I have a domain that is named “” and I know for sure that it was used for a fashion niche website. In most cases, G will show related searches to quotes. Things like “car insurance quotes”.
    Even if I enter related search keywords in this fashion niche, they won’t be shown.

    Another example, if there is a domain name with just a random name, let's say “” and I know for sure that it used to be a pets niche website.
    For that domain, G is showing random high paying related searches, for example "life insurance quotes".
    Even if I will insert keywords related to the pets niche G won't show none of them.

    I believe that if you acquire domains based on their names, for example: “”, then you will be able to use your own related searches and optimize it well.
    But, if you focus on growing traffic and not caring so much about the names of the domains (like myself), then it becomes a problem to optimize the related searches according to domain's past usage.

    This is the data I collected so far from my domains and from the related searches experiments I have done.

    I have to say something about that:
    I see so many parked domains that are not using SSL certificates, those guys, you have no idea how much traffic you lose when you are not capturing all the https incoming traffic.
    Regardless of the domain parking provider, everyone can and should use a solution to capture all https traffic.
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  3. Hypersot

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    That's not entirely true.

    For years now, the vast majority of domains I acquire are high traffic domains.

    One thing I've noticed is,

    if the domain's traffic is focused,eg. people that want to watch movies online (which is by far the most commonly acquired domain type these days)
    if the traffic is high enough
    be sure that the domain will, in a very short time, show the correct keywords on the lander.

    You'll be surprised how domains -that their name has nothing to do with watching movies- suddenly show the best 'watch movie online' ads

    The only time I found that a high traffic domain shows random ads is when the traffic is unfocused and totally random.
    When that happens, I try to place the domain on a platform that has a wide range of direct ad feeds / Zeroclick (my preference is Parklogic in this case)
  4. Shayne

    Shayne Established Member

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    I completely agree with you, that is something I have seen on many domains.

    On the other hand I have also seen, for example, if I have a high traffic domain named “”, G can show "Stream Online Free" in one of the related searches between the fashion keywords.
    If I try to optimize the related searches with fashion keywords only, even if all of my keywords are super relevant to fashion and past use, G still shows "Stream Online Free" even though the domain has nothing to do with streaming.

    That is why I had the impression that you can’t really control the related searches and G does whatever they think is more profitable even if it’s not related to the past usage of the domain.

    That is what I see with my domains but I will have to invest the time to investigate and experiment more thoroughly.
  5. Hypersot

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    @Shayne ,

    pretty sure that fashionforwomen domain had really a messy history with domain being used many times, for a short while for different things.

    You should not forget however that, the visitor that visits the lander is very important.
    If I check from my PC without any vpn or a clean browser, I will get shown all sort of irrelevant ads due to my constant domain research.

    What I do is,
    I use a clean system (Windows 7 or Linux on Virtual Box)
    with a VPN (Private Internet Access)
    and I visit the domains I need checking from the location I believe the traffic will come from (PIA has a wide range of locations)

    It's the only way to be sure.

    btw. I'd love to hear if anyone has a different method of checking landers.
  6. Shayne

    Shayne Established Member

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    Good point, it's definitely a possibility.

    I did try VPN + incognito and I also tried browsing from a clean windows server on GCP US data center.

    But again, I didn't do a thorough investigation on the matter yet.
  7. namemarket

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    Hi Shayne, by coincidence was in the process of writing a long and very similar post to your own about the same subjects and issues. Since you already posted it no need for me to post it.

    I totally concur with it, for example, I recently parked one of my best names which was used as a financial trading site for over 10 years and listed that way in the search engines. I carefully entered a series of closely related financial market terms.

    4 or 5 ads were very good about trading and stocks, etc however the page was in-effect ruined by the 2 or 3 non-sensical ads about home chef cooking, vegan meals and buying hemp oil, having nothing to do with either the domain name or its previous use.

    So upon seeing the non-relevant ads the visitors thinks the web-page is of no value and/or is a domainers parked page, making clicks very unlikely as he quickly exits the page.

    And about non-https status. It's of course a negative either from traffic loss, or when a visitor sees the open padlock non-secure message and immediately exits thinking it may be a virus.
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  8. Shayne

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    Hey @namemarket,

    That's exactly what I mean! Thanks for confirming that you see it too.

    I can't share screenshots so I will just copy and past my example, this is a "" domain name and these are the related searches it shows after I inserted only completely relevant keywords that are matching the URLs the traffic is coming from and past usage:

    Womens Dresses
    Womens Clothing
    Womens 70s Fashion
    Womens Fashion
    Bride Dresses
    Womens Clothes
    Most Popular Content Management Systems

    As you can see, the last one is totally unrelated and is something G experimenting with many domains from what I see.
    They use 1-2 spots for high paying unrelated related searches.

    If you will take it one step farther, you can redirect all http traffic to https and none of the visitors will see the open padlock non-secure message.
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  9. thegeekguy

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    In the end of the day , I wonder if the @privatereg is profitable?
  10. privatereg

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    Fair question. When I got serious again with parking last April, I treated the business like a start-up company. Like any new business, this would require capital and since I am self-funding this I was prepared to start out in the negative. I had an idea what I wanted my ultimate annual net profit to be in three years so I developed a business plan on what it would take for me to get there.

    I came up with a budget for purchasing ‘x’ domains daily and have made some tweaks along the way, but the past few months with few exceptions the purchase volume has been steady. So now, I have almost a fixed expense for purchasing and a slow increase in renewals for new domains offset by any that I’m not renewing.

    As of February I’m about a 40% monthly net profit for that month (before taxes) and I’m on track to hit 70% monthly profit by December. By the end of next year, I should be over 90% net monthly profit. Profit increases for me month to month because the gross revenues go up and my fixed expenses rise very slowly. This is due to the fact that my daily expenditure for purchasing domains will not change substantially (as it is achieving the desired revenue growth), taking into account increased renewal rates, increased auction prices, etc. So far I consider this business model a successful business venture especially for a side hustle HAHA.

    I attached the latest screenshot of monthly gross revenues. Although it looked like February dipped a little it was only 28 days in the month (versus 31 in January). March in the first 5 days is doing better than expected. That may be because a lot of my domains are seasonal. For example, if I have a golf site located in the northern part of the US, it will do better as we move into the spring and dormant in the winter.
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  12. Steven McEvoy

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    Here’s a question is it to late to get into the game?

    I had a restaurant name domain that made $150 in about 13 months.

    Is this bad faith to use a restaurant domain?
  13. blogspotter

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    Since you have shared your revenue numbers freely, can you also share what your total acquisition cost of this portfolio has been?
  14. pablohc86

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    i don't make numbers like privatereg but i'm into parking by at least a decade....

    it's not to late to get into the game if you can plan to have at least a low 6 figure budget for acquisitions and for your catching setup.
    Why a low 6 fig budget?? Because in order to keep things profitable you need to have a special revenues share from parking providers and you can get that only (99,9% of the times) showing them quality and huge traffic.
    An example: the domain you mentioned making 150$ in 13 months could make 200$ or more in a portfolio owned by a big parking guy.

    about the restaurant name, they could make legal issues to you if they are still open.
    Btw from the ethic standpoint if the restaurant is still in business, it's wrong trying to take advantage in this way.
    Big parking guys would reply you: it all depends by your risk tolerance. Normally restaurant domains are very low risk.
  15. LUP

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    @privatereg What's your domain like? one word? two word? exact match?
    must .com? or must english word?
    I'm very curious :xf.grin:

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