discuss Why Crypto Domains Are Worthless



The amount of posts on the forum buying or selling crypto domains is insane. However, you'll notice, rarely does someone sell a crypto-related name. Generally, the only sales you see are for main keywords under the .com extension. For example: crypto.com, nft.com, etc. Though, other extensions and particularly names with more than one "word" aren't worth very much. Given the rise of crypto domains (.x, .crypto, etc.) I don't see how these names will be worth anything in the future. You'll see your mainstream .com domain name that will allow you to access the new crypto TLDs. I mean, modern browsers are slowing baking this in - Brave and Opera have already done so.

Most domains listed in any highlight thread will never sell to an end user. The vast majority of people including domain investors are resistant to paying a premium price for a domain name. Thus, while there are hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of people who work as engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, programmers, nurses, etc, how many people make a good living selling domain names?
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