domains Why brands are paying thousands for crypto domain names

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Brands similar to Puma, Gucci and Budweiser have already bought at the least one “.eth” title. Budweiser paid round $95,000 for “beer.eth.” An “.eth” extension means the domain is relevant to the Ethereum blockchain, and is offered by a corporation referred to as Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

... Like most NFTs, crypto domains are obtainable to anybody with a pockets and might be purchased and resold on the secondary market, usually for rather more than the preliminary sale. “Axe.eth” is currently listed on OpenSea for over $120,000, and “adidas.eth” is round $18,500. Names on much less common blockchains can be far much less expensive, but the prices can nonetheless add up if one other proprietor maintains the leverage in negotiation.

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