NameSilo questions on Quora to help you get backlinks + sell domains.

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  1. bmugford

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    In my opinion this is really nothing but self promotion. Using an information based site like Quora to post self serving questions & answers really provides no value to users.

    I have not looked at their TOS, but I would be surprised if they don't have policies against self promotion/spam.

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  2. Samer

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  3. VIP Gold Account

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    I thought that too. and then realized that although I would like to get some kind of benefit from this scheme. I would not know how to benefit from asking this question.


    in fact lol asking this question disqualifies me from posting my own domains as "answers".

    whomp! whomp! whomp!

    A bit of a miscalculation on my part. but hey. at least you guys can benefit from it.

    Don't ever say I never do anything for you Namepros.

    so please do post some answers on there. There's already one answer on there I think for the one asking for 10 domains.

    The person giving an answer has already gotten 2,000 views for his answer.

    I think he's a "big deal" on Quora. The guy has done 31,733 answers and has 147,000 followers on Quora.

    Thanks to him my question has an answer with 2,000 views.

    now if you think logical. these 2,000 views. do you think they will just view his answer? or will these views go and check out the original question of which this person gave their answer?

    will these 2,000 views be curious enough to check out all answers to this question not just his?

    will these views follow this question in case there are more answers?

    What do you think?

    not to mention there's a ton of other domainers on Quora looks like that I haven't requested an answer to my questions yet.

    Quora puts a limit of 25 people you can ask.

    Questions like "Your reg of the day." is so innocent that people feel compelled to submit their answer because most people felt good about their domain choices and want to vindicate themselves but getting likes for their domain registrations as if to make themselves feel like they did not make a mistake.

    Most just love an outlet to show off a bit of price.

    I think this is why the "Your Reg of the Day" thread has to many replies and views.

    The guy who answered my question self-promoted himself via my question and got 2,000 views from just one post.


    The two people who have answered my question seems to already know the TOS for Quora better than me and has taken the initiative and have submitted their answers by obfuscating their domain names like so.

    domain(.)com or domain (.) com

    So yea you guys should follow suit and copy them.

    This way you are not directly linking to your domain and breaking Quora's TOS.

    (SORRY GUYS. I guess I was wrong about backlinks via this scheme of mine.)

    But I think you can still get some benefit by making sure you put your domain for your portfolio in your profile for Quora at least like I did.

    And who knows? maybe people viewing your answers will take the initiative and figure out your domains from your answer and manually check them out IF THEY ARE GOOD.

    you never really know do you till you try.


    so these people who answered have paved the way for others to copy.

    I'm going to assume they did this because they did not want to violate Quora's TOS.

    Self-Promotion you say?

    Noun: The action of promoting or publicizing oneself or one's activities, especially in a forceful way.

    So unless I throw in my own domains on there I don't see how I'd be self-promoting myself.

    If anything I'm giving you ALL an opportunity to self-promote yourself.

    I guess I screwed myself over with this one. lol


    I hope you guys will show your appreciation somehow.

    I do have some auctions coming up. :xf.grin::xf.wink:

  4. Abdullah Abdullah

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    Agreed but I have seen many companies doing this already, big companies.
  5. VIP Gold Account

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    a little bit of common sense. even though there is a chance Quora does have a TOS.

    as mentioned this one Answer who gave a list of their 10 best domain names.

    This person has 147,000 followers and has answered over 30,000 questions.

    No doubt this person has invested alot off his time on Quora. and probably knows his way around Quora.


    He did answer my question and did so in a specific way. I'm assuming to avoid the TOS that you guys are worried about.

    so should we trust the long time user on Quora with A LOT to lose if he breaks Quora's TOS?

    or you?

    Again. I myself am not self-promoting by ASKING the question.

    Others are by answering and even then you have to answer by not direct linking.
  6. lock

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    I loved that movie as a kid. When i got my first pentium i was hacked in 1st week and learned how to format it about a week later reading books a month later was playing icq wars till realized it was no fun to keep fixing pc.
  7. Josytal

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    I disagree with such stand. So, others can initiate such threads, but just because we are NP members we can't?

    I was going through the list of related questions to one of my answers:

    Related Questions:
    - Why would I add an exact match keyword if I already have a modified broad match keyword that sometimes
    matches as exact match if the search term is exactly the same?
    What is the best keyword tool to use for estimating the amount of traffic an exact match domain (with proper
    SEO) will get?

    - Will my website rank on top If I have a domain name with the exact keyword match people are searching for?
    - How do you sell a premium domain name?
    - How would a generic exact match keyword domain name, by itself, improve search engine rankings?
    - How do I search for currently registered domain names by a keyword?
    - Is it very important to have the keyword in the domain name?
    - What is a free resource that I can use to check how my site ranks for particular keywords?
    - Is it better to use branded domain name or domain name with important generic keywords?
    - What is the difference between broad match and exact match in Google Keyword Tool?

    Here is a typical answer page to one of the related questions:
    How do you sell a premium domain name?

    Chris, Domain Name Sales & Marketing, Author of .Com Strategies,MBA
    Answered August 4, 2017

    Chirag Sachdeva, Domain name research, Domain Investors, buy & sell domains
    Answered June 24, 2016

    Answered 2016. Four straight years before now. And guess what?
    All answers reflect one aspect of "self-promotion" or the other.

    Quo..ra needs content to thrive. We provide the content for free. They monetize it. So little self-promo hurts none, unless overdone. Balanced equation.
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