Who here shows only email address on their landing page.. versus input contact form?

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do you prefer/use page lander with your email address only.. or full contact form?

  1. email address

  2. contact form

  3. both show on my for sale page

  4. neither one/no sales page.. but I still wanna see voting results ;)

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  1. alcy

    alcy Top Member VIP

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    I've landed on countless forsale pages for domains that only showed a simple line "domain for sale" and then owner's email address.

    then I also landed on coutnless pages that showed an input contact form

    feel free to vote what type you have.. or prefer.. and why.

    I suppose arguments can be made either way... some endusers may find it easier to just email you rather than fillout forms. etc...
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  2. creataweb

    creataweb Some Guy with Awesome Senior High School Photo VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    On different pages I've used an email for some and contact form for others.

    If the contact form is not spambot protected you'll probably get a lot of spam emails. For the email address itself you can get spammed from harvesting bots. In the email address only option I've either used an image of the email address or typed it out differently like myname [a] somethin'com .
  3. alcy

    alcy Top Member VIP

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    yes very good point. of course the spam protection can easily be taken care of as you say.. but making address a picture.. or encrypting with some extra chars.

  4. Corey

    Corey Gold Account VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I create my own sales landers - a Contact us page with a captcha code.

  5. alcy

    alcy Top Member VIP

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    a simple captcha may be good.. but I'll be honest with you all, I am utterly appauled by the new captcha they have at bodis .. or the captcha that just seems to have become the new standard from google (I guess thats where all sites get it from).. cause it even appears on say google forms/sites

    its all good and dandy to ask visitor to check a simple box to prevent spam, but when your faced with 1 or more big picture puzzles.. with storefronts... cars.. highways.. trees.. like on bodis.. and many others landers.. to me that is a total no no and is basically a deal breaker for me to not use something like bodis landing page... I literally do not use their sale lander just because of this!

    I mean there are tons of buyers from all over the world... who may not all speak english so well.. or just not be too patient.. and the idea of having them check one or more sets of picture puzzles, figuring out things like storefronts etc.. honestly, I put my self in their shoes.. and I literally no longer use something like bodis land pages just beause of this!!! I find it ridiculous. and I emailed them many times to express this. of course nothing was done.

    I still use bodis as my prefered parking company though. but the captcha on the landers needs to be made either optional.. or made into just one checkbox.. like on parking crew landers.. (optional+one checkbox).. and not be countless puzzles.. like for 5 year olds or somehting... plus to add to insult if you make an error, the google ai algorithms may force you into a cycle of not one other but 2-3 more picture puzzles.. before they let you send the form through. it's happened to me before.. during some tests I ran on those captcha puzzles. incognite mode or not.

    I find this utterly disturbing as a domainer. I can already imagine the lost leads because of this!
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