Where .com is Not King

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    You’re welcome.
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    .IE πŸ‘πŸ½


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    There are so many countries across the world where the ccTLD is the preferred choice. The Netherlands is an obvious one, with the .nl extension being in the top 10 globally. There's a very active aftermarket too, with many .nl domains selling for big bucks.

    Here in Hong Kong you mainly see or .hk domains being used (but the aftermarket is pretty much non-existent). I own a lot of very good one-word domains such as, and but I've only sold 1 so far which is
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    I see a lot of people talking about geography but I think there is a generation gap. Last couple of years .io and .co became common for startups and tech focused businesses.

    I think zoomers don't understand what .com means, it doesn't make sense to them for it to have a monopoly since what they use it for is not a commercial experience on platforms like Facebook, Google and YouTube - free services. Yeah sure they use Amazon but I think most people order using Alexa now anyway.

    Gen Z use extensions like .gg for popular apps and platforms and I see .xyz is becoming more common, in particular for cam sites. I like the management behind .xyz so I think it has potential.
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    For me it's .se that is number one, I was chatting with a friend who is a locksmith and safecracker two nights ago and I started checking some of his brilliant .se names, we talked a lot about phone numbers as well. I am helping him with a site to tie together all his .se domains... and his matching .com domain names. Yes people do that here. For that I will get a 08 NNN 000 telephone number, another great investment. Investment is part of it too. Maybe the business will provide a nice exit later on and all these extras will be good assets that help close the deal. I bought a really great name for the scandinavian market that I saw had dropped a few days ago. The .com is taken and for sale but not required for just this niche.

    The main reason I think .com is popular here as well is that if we ever cross a border with the site, for example, a Swedish site gets Finnish or Danish customers, then we secure all of those ccTLDs and the .com for our eventual English translation of the site. After all english is our 2nd national language nowadays (maybe a shared 2nd place). If it's a tech site then more likely it will have an English priority (if non Swedish speakers work in the company and there is a meeting, the meeting may be held in Swedish if everybody understands, otherwise it has to be held in English) and the website will be in English as well... in this case Swedish will not be a part of the site at all.
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    and german .de, canada .ca

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