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Where are the 10 highest reported new gtld domain name sales in 2020?

Labeled as new gTLDs in Domain Selling and Domain Sales, started by equity78, Sep 20, 2020


  1. equity78

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    There have been 7,064 reported new gtld sales at Namebio. These sales total $26.6 million. The top 10 brought home $3,169,431 or approximately 12% of all reported sales. .Top and .Games both placed multiple entries in the top 10, with 2 each. Online.Casino and Casino.Online both made the top 10. Online.Casino is a developed directory of online casinos. There are many casino websites that … [Read more...]
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  2. platey

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    Great article

    A person can see what gtlds are sold on namebio .com each day by simply clicking on the


    Box and scrolling down to and clicking on

    All new gtlds

    Then press search

    Which will list 10 pages of gtld sales that apoear in the main namebio .com listings which is usially gtlds over the price of approx $300 usd ish as nowadays the namebio 100 listings usually finish at 400-500 ish so as many gtlds are bought for reg fee most of the reg fee and lower priced gtld sales wont appear in this namebio .com gtld sales listongs although i think a person can register with namebio and i think there is an option to see the loeer priced sales that dont apear in the main 100 daily listings allegedly
  3. Jimmysun

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    This is great, thanks.

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