question What's the monthly search volume for keyword CORONAVIRUS?

It seems many tools no longer show the monthly search volume for keyword "Coronavirus".

Does anyone know the exact monthly search volume for this keyword? At one point when I last checked it was over 2 million searches per month then recently tried a free check and no results? I find that hard to believe that no one is searching this keyword? I feel like with coronavirus domain names that these tools no longer provide data on this keyword? Or am I missing something? Same thing seems to be going on with Covid and Covid 19.
If you can find data on Covid and covid 19 also I'd appreciate it and while your at it NCOV.

Let me know. thanks.
I am doubtful it is "under control" there are those pesky variants popping up.

I believe the data being hidden is part of the whole coronavirus online ban or like with the coronavirus domains being banned on certain platforms to sell. but I do think you may be right. I do hope this thing is gone for good but I'm a pessimist and a realist.

These news platforms and pharmaceutical companies make too much money talking about "coronavirus" or "covid" so I can't see why it would decrease to the point there is ZERO DATA?

the biggest topic right now? and zero data? impossible.
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