What would you price this domain at and why - Week #1

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  1. abstractdomainer

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    So we have seen the negotiation side of the equation, the lead generation side as well.
    Let's discuss the pricing part of the equation - What would you price this domain at and why?

    1) Will you put it on BIN or Make Offer?
    2) Which platform?
    3) What price would you put - you can share a 10% variation range?
    4) Why that price?
    5) Who do you think would be the potential buyer for the name?
    6) What time frame would you be looking at to sell?

    This is to drive critical thinking, see how sellers think, what is the rationale and so on.
    Later, we can take up domain names owned by different members and do this critical analysis.

    It might help in putting our prices better which may result in better sales/experimentation. It may also help in moving domain names across platforms for maximum yield.

    Let's do this guys! I will share my point of view as well. Let's grow as domain investors. Please add any other pointers that I may have missed.
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  2. cillx

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    1) BIN
    2) Dan, Afternic, Sedo
    3) $175000
    4) Highly lucrative industry
    5) Crypto-related company
    6) Less than 5 years
  3. jhm

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    Make Offer, premium domain. Listing on Sedo, GoDaddy ...usual. If a bid caught my attention, immediately drop it from other platforms. I would anticipate a tempting 5 or 6 figure offer, the buyer would likely be someone in crypto. Crypto World is a figure of authority, the way if comes across ...great potential as a brand

    If the buyer in question was experienced, knew what he / she was doing, has a track record of building successful brands ...I wouldn't sell. Keep the name, let him / her use it, redirect the domain to the website ...take equity in the business

    In summary: If you negotiate a profit share in something special, you are unwise to sell

    Time frame: No rush

    (In my opinion)
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  4. redemo

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    Keep, develop, monetise imo.
  5. Ariff BD

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    1) BIN/makeoffer
    2) Dan, Afternic, Sedo,GD,Uniregistry maybe but Epik Lander
    3) $125000
    4) One of the best possible for Crypto niche
    5) Crypto-related company
    6) Will renew for a long time
  6. abstractdomainer

    abstractdomainer Top Contributor VIP Gold Account

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    3 different opinions by 3 different people.
    1) BIN
    2) Make Offer
    3) Develop

    As per me, I think BIN in such names should be exorbitantly high, covering you for the possibility where the buyer is willing to pay.
    There should be a make offer as well, for buyers who are willing to pay something which is in the right range/ballpark that one may be looking at.

    Development - Only if you know how to monetize, should one be investing in development. Of course, one of the ways to go-ahead here could be to get a partnership in return for the sale - a cash + stock deal.
  7. abstractdomainer

    abstractdomainer Top Contributor VIP Gold Account

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    More thoughts on this?

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