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What will happen to those costly 3L domains bought 1-2 years back?

Labeled as question in "Short" Domain Discussion started by dream_d, Nov 21, 2017.


  1. dream_d

    dream_d Established Member

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    Believe me or not but trend is fast changing,apps in phone are taking over and young generation don't like to type much in browsers, I am sad to say that those domains gonna stuck with buyers in next few years. I was tempted many times but did not buy them in auctions.Whatever is the market- bond/stock/commodities or domain,
    Profit booking is must.
    I am damn sure that I am going to prove right in next 2 years(Maximum),most buyers were Chinese I feel, good luck to them! This post can be much longer but I am just giving you valid reasons i.e phone market and Apps.
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  2. Kate

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    Nonsense. People still have to type domains, and now that the Internet has gone mobile short domains are not less attractive than they used to be.
    20 years ago we were already told that search engines would make domain names obsolete. But how are businesses supposed to advertise ? Should I get put my sweet URL on a business card or should I tell people to get an app first ?
    Oh yes right, the app is the dotcom killer. Allegedly. The market didn't get the memo yet.
  3. Kuffy

    Kuffy Name Stag VIP

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    I'm detecting a resistance to installing apps. Not just because of the security risk, but also because of the reduction in battery time between charges. KFC have dropped their card based loyalty programme, and require an app using near field communicatiuons. That's another security risk, and quite a few people are resisting it.

    I guess the real question is - will mobile phones replace desktop computers? I am sure they will eventually, but in the meantime there is still a market for domain names to sell to desktop, notebook and tablet users. Shorter names are good for type-in traffic, but there seems to be a reduction in direct navigation. However a good domain name can influence a surfer into clicking a link on the SERP. Lets hope that Google doesn't remove the URL from those listings.
  4. Asfas1000

    Asfas1000 Top Member VIP

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    I don't think apps will ever be a threat to domains. I am visiting hundreds of sites daily and I can't think how one is supposed to install an app for each and every site they visit ?
  5. DGMDomains

    DGMDomains Top Member VIP

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    I’m hesitant on downloading apps too unless I really use their business/service. I’m sure as hell not everyone has a ton of memory on their phone to download all that crap apps. Domains will forever be here to stay.

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