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discuss What to tell the seller after acquisition?

After buying a name, I have come across scenarios where when listing the domain names on marketplaces, it says that the domain is already listed by another person. This can be a downside for the buyer in a number of ways:
  1. Unable to list
  2. Losing out on potential offers
  3. Buyers may make an offer to the other listing for the same name
  4. Losing out on potential deals
Are there any best practises after buying a domain name for:
  1. Asking the seller to remove the domain name from the marketplaces
  2. How do I verify if the name is not listed on any marketplace and the seller has removed it?
  3. Any other hygiene factors?
For example, if acquiring from namePros, we can ask the seller to remove the name from the listing, we can remove the name in our bids etc.

Really looking forward to your responses and I will compile a list at the end of this post.
It does suck having to take a screenshot of my namecheap page to show I own the domain name for Afternic. Or waiting for Sedo to pick up my txt record not to mention having to add that.

I am thinking of making a template asking the seller to remove my new purchase from any other sales venues they may have had the domain listed. If I were an end user, I wouldn't want people thinking my new business was still for sale either.

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