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What should NamePros add?



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Good morning!

NamePros is working on a lot of new and exciting features, and many of them are thanks to member suggestions in our Comments and Feedback section.

We'd love to hear even more! What else would you like us to add for you?

All suggestions are welcome, from small and simple changes to big and complex features!

Please post below, or submit your suggestions privately.

Let us know what you'd like us to build!
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I see how many post here questions, here is an idea.
NP devs should add a message pop up when someone press (Post reply) button, the message will say 'only report sales here, are you sure this is a sale?' the user will select yes or no, of course also to include link to other topic where are discussions, example 'to ask sale questions visit this link' something like this.
Above one is a great suggestion for improving the "completed domain name sales" thread.

Or is it possible to have facebooks style "Post " and comments about it appearing on the side panel?
(I have no idea about coding or how Namepros CMS works)
I would love to see an input form for structured standard submissions to the Report Completed Sales thread.

i.e. a box that at a minimum is filled in domain name, price, date of sale, inbound/outbound check, venue and perhaps holding time.

Then an open text part where additional information could be optionally provided.

This would block anything except sales reports from that thread, and also only allow posts with minimum information complete.

If published with a standard format from the form, e.g. first line is name, second is price, third is date in standard format, etc. would make it easy to gather data for statistical analysis.

I think it would be useful if you add the option to choose the range of the transaction when leaving a feedback.

A feedback for a small transaction of $2-3 isn’t right to have the same value as a transaction of $100+

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In addition to Liquid, Numeric, Brandable, Traffic and other qualitative Domain For Sale Categories, I propose a Top Organic Search Rank Domains category be added.

Top Organic Search Rank Domains

• For exact match organic keyword domain name search results that appear on the first page of a major search engine, or engines.

• Post domain name, with link to the search engine(s) where prospects can query and verify first page organic search results for the domain; keyword, or words, with or without a space or dash between words.

Add The Most Buyer Friendly Category
Virtually every company considers SEO to be vital to the success of their domain. End users also know SEO campaigns are long term, costly, and come with no guarantees.

And, as the definition of success for SEO ROI is achieving the top organic search result for a domain. Purchasing top ranked domain names delivers the most value as it best positions buyers for success.

In this way Namepros can enhance the marketplace, attract more end-users, and best serve domaining.


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Better staff would be nice.