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Good morning!

NamePros is working on a lot of new and exciting features, and many of them are thanks to member suggestions in our Comments and Feedback section.

We'd love to hear even more! What else would you like us to add for you?

All suggestions are welcome, from small and simple changes to big and complex features!

Please post below or submit your suggestions privately.

Let us know what you'd like us to build!
Still no improvements made to the auction format.
A lot of development has happened since then, but the marketplace developments haven't been released yet. You'll start seeing improvements to it this year and thereafter.

Are there currently any plans to add "Hours Since Posted" type format to auction posts?
There were. It may have actually already been developed, but it hasn't been released (yet).

The best way to help the development team remember and prioritize requests is to create a new thread for each one in the Suggestions and Feedback section, and Like the ones you want.

That section is sorted by Likes when deciding:

We hope that helps.
Namepros should go back to the old chat system as the chat thread doesn't work very well.

Doesn't even make sense. How is it still a "Chat", it just looks like a message board, like all the other areas. What's different about chat than anywhere else?
Already exists. :) Click the style chooser on the bottom-left of each page and choose "NamePros Dark".
Nice! (y)

Option to ignore threads. I still feel bad putting @lennco on ignore so i dont have to see the political thread at top when i click new posts, which is how i stay up to date.
It's cool, I agree even though you cant see me :xf.cool:
I think the Likes/Thanks will be given out a lot less going forward.

I guess they are now called "Impact" I don't see them in the alerts like I used to and then the option to give them are not plainly seen on the post anymore, you now have to hover over "Quick Reply" to find them and give one so I have to say that kinda sucks :xf.frown:

But the Dark mode is really cool (y)
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I made some suggestions before about an auction marquee at the top of the homepage. Homepage only. Here is a mockup of what I envisioned. Could have options to hide or show what you want. Each domain would just link to the auction thread.

Domainers are really in need of a way that is quick and easy to buy, sell, trade domains and this type of setup would not overwhelm the general idea of NP being a forum.

You could even make the marquee auctions paid - say $1 per domain to prevent the system being overwhelmed. Could also make a max of 72 hours till end of auction after last bid to keep auctions from being stale and preventing abuse. Each refresh would show a completely different random list from the previous one before it. So technically upon the third refresh you could have domains from the first load. And so on. Each page load would also refresh the list. That's a whopping 30 domains each list. The fixed price and bargain bin could still be free. Maybe add a third side bar for free auctions too. Many possibilities but the general idea is to make the homepage a quick and easy control panel for auction accessibility. Could be win - win.

Not sure what kind of programming would be involved and so there may be costs I'm not aware of but wanted to put this out there as a suggestion. Thanks.

I think this an excellent point. We should be able to filter by .com, all gtlds, all cctlds, all ngtlds at the very least. Older than x number of days etc. But I would not have it on the home page, but on every auction category.
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The old chat should be brought back. The revamp to some sort of chat thread really strikes me as inconvenient on here. I miss the old chat it was more a chatroom rather than chat thread.

Maybe the old chat system is not compatible with the new XenForo forum software upgrade?

Are there plans to have a traditional chatroom like the old one when one can be integrated into the upgrade, or is the new one going to stay?
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As a suggestion /tip: Kindly create a forum section for dot coms only.
Showcase, marketplace, discussion without cctlds and new gtlds.

and add labels "dot com investor"
"new gtld investor" "cctld investor" etc

What do you think?

I'm definitely in favor of forums for .com only. Should have been done years ago. I'd suggest .com, other gtlds, all cctlds, all ngtlds
So after first being redirected to this thread by the mods, only to find that we should have been posting in https://www.namepros.com/forums/suggestions-and-feedback.404/ instead. I go there now and hope it doesn't change to something else next week :( OHOH! There are a gazillion threads for Suggestions & Feedback. Where are we supposed to post our Suggestions & Feedback relating to the new NP's format? They should be in 1 place only.
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One thing I have always wanted to see is the market place "Sell" threads not be Indexed by Google or any other search engine.
At least have the option to turn off indexing like a no-fallow.

As it is many sellers here try to get by using creative ways like (dot) / or creating images of names so not to be indexed.
The main reason is that most names for sale at Namepros are at a discount for other domainers and it doesn't look good for an End User to see those prices.