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What should be Lease and Rent price for a domain based on BIN

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As you know DAN offers you to lease or rent a domain in addition to BIN. What I want to know is if there is any standard formula available when setting up lease and rent prices? For e.g. something like lease must be at least 20% of BIN and rent must be at least 25% !?
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There is no standard formula regarding correct pricing. A parked domain with decent traffic or revenue may influence price...weigh it up accordingly. Sellers can overprice (example: A seller taking a chance by sticking a 5 figure BIN on a 4 figure domain). Bit tricky basing it on solely on the BIN, in that respect
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Sold a name through Dan this morning. 10 equal mothly payments with 0% interest. Easy.

If you were going to do anything over a year it might be worth doing 20% interest maybe and you have to check the sales venue don't charge you as the seller an extra fee for payment plans. As an example if you recieve funds to PayPal Dan charge an extra 4% for payments over 2k so if thats the case you would want to pass that cost on maybe.