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question What is the best way to purchase an unavailable Domain?



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Hello friends,

I'am very interested in purchasing an already registered Domain.
It seems like the owner is parking the domain, is there any way i can put an offer on it or contact the owner?
I'am not that familiar with the Domain space and would love to get some advice.

There is also an broker service on sedo and GoDaddy, are those reliable?

Thanks in advance!
Before going the broker route, try searching it on to see if it is listed for sale anywhere. You can also do a Whois search at, and you can contact the owner using the contact info. It is usually private, but the long random email address given will typically be forwarded to the domain owner.

If you want help, you can private message me the name and I can see what I can find out for you. I do it often so I don’t mind.

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There is also an broker service on sedo and GoDaddy, are those reliable?
Never had a broker contact me from sedo for a name but I have had contact from both daddy and afternic in the past.

Not a single time did a broker follow up with me...beyond the automated first contact. Whether I had a price in my response or just turning down a low ball offer...never got any interaction. I felt sorry for the people that spent 69 or 99 or whatever to 'broker' a deal. 2 of those times the owner eventually found me...and bought the name. Below is how they found me:

If it is an extension icann is not helpful with, try:
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