What is a good domain?

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  1. Francis AHLE

    Francis AHLE Established Member

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    I'm asking myself what is a good domain? Because it all starts there.... Should it exactly match a search (for exemple, or is it possible to include a keyword having a good search volume, and then something else? For example if "dogs" is a keyword with a high search volume, to you think something like can sell?
    Thanks for your returns
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  2. E-Promote

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    If you want sell, look at what sells.
  3. mindexposed

    mindexposed Established Member

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    13 that will not fit to traffic domains,
    it would be brandable for pet stores.. dogs food ...etc
    so this domain would be "good domain" for pets retailers ..etc
    But "bad domain" for Forex Market ..etc

    Traffic domain has to be with exact keyword search

    for example :
    This domain would be "Great Domain" for Forex companies ..etc
    This Domain would be "Bad Domain" for Pet retails, pet Companies

    Each Niche has its own Good Domains

    So what makes domain a good domain?
    if it fits the needs of its specific market .
  4. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent Gold Account VIP Trusted Blogger

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    Really nice answer @mindexposed !

    I think this point is sometimes overlooked - it is not so much that a domain name is good in general but is it good for a certain end user. Sometimes search matters, sometimes not at all. Now some names can cover both strong SEO./CPC stats and also a potential branding for a company, but many will do one or the other.

    A good domain name should feel special. That is hard to define, but in the same way that a good movie builds emotions, feelings, impressions, on a much smaller scale so should a superb domain name.

    It's not that other domain names do not sell - many of the names I see on the daily NameBio list I would not rate as that special, even though they are totally functional names.

  5. Francis AHLE

    Francis AHLE Established Member

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    Thanks for your great answer dear @mindexposed !! By the way, what kind of people are interested in traffic domains? Who could i sell such domains to?
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  6. cooljub

    cooljub Established Member

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    I thought it went too cheap.
  7. garptrader

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    A good domain for a domain investor is one which should be desirable for branding purposes to multiple potential end users and which can be acquired and renewed at a cost well below its potential value to an end user. However, this is much more difficult than it might seem. Most people outside of the domain industry do not see the logic of paying thousands of dollars for a domain name when registrar-suggestion tools and bulk domain checkers allow one to come up with some combination for under $50. So the domain needs to be truly unique - taken in other extensions and not available in those other extensions anywhere near your asking price.

    If I am looking to buy running shoes or a cellphone or a laptop computer or a new car , etc there are a multitude of options at different pricepoints. There is a tendency of buyers to opt for the lowest -cost adequate-quality alternative. Unfortunately for domain investors, that often means end users will prefer to spend hours considering different reg fee options rather paying a premium price for an aftermarket domain.
  8. dande

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    Yes, the two examples you gave can make good names no doubt about it. But it's all too easy to get drifted in try to combine two words, then you starts combining some funny useless words together to come up with crappy names.

    Take your take and look at what others are selling. Check Godaddy auctions and see what people are bidding on. That will give you clear ideas of how good names should look like.
  9. VIP Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Yeah, they got a great deal if they are building a dog products business. I would have paid up to $2-$3k for the name as an investor with no real plans for it.
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  10. Francis AHLE

    Francis AHLE Established Member

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    Oh Really? I've seen this on Sedo:

    Just in case you're interested ;)

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