What is a forum bump?

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    It's when you're cruising along the forum, a nice Sunday drive, when all of a sudden you feel a ker-clunk! and you're like, what the.. just happened?? Glance in you're rear-view mirror, and lo-and-behold, there's this friggin' massive hump stuck right in the middle of the lane- put there to ruin your cruise no doubt, not to mention get you in the shop for some suspension repairs. It's a conspiracy, between the humper-bumper installers and repair shops to suck us of our monies.

    Or just what Support Team said. Shouldn't be driving and texting anyways.
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    What happens if I have 2 bumps in Established Member and I have 2 threads active. So can I bump each thread 2 times per day or I get 2 bumps in total i.e. 1 bump for each thread?
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