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    Hi, I just finished my list of 60 emails for business owners, but I don't want to look like spammer or I don't want them to ignore the email.
    It's my first time, so I would appreciate it if you showed me some examples of previous emails you sent.
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  2. VadimK Iberica

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    Outbound is a very hard task. The key factor here is to have your emails very targeted. For example, if you have the name it makes sense to go to only travel agencies with this, no one else. Or having MiamiPlumber name, you would go to the niche related, and only in Miami.

    But if you send a list of names to everybody - you will be spamming, no matter how nicely you make your offer. People will mark your email as spam, and soon mail clients around the world will detect your email address as spammy one, automatically sending you to bin, before someone sees your email.

    Good Luck!

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